Casting Call

Actors required for a song picturization project. Kindly look into the details below.

Antil (2010-22)

A 65 years old retired professor who is in remorse on his recently deceased wife. He doesn't have anyone in the world right now and is still struggling to life alone. He very often remembers his wife by looking at old photos or her belongings.

Antil (1990-2010)

A 33 year old lecturer who is married to a women named Raghni. They do not have a child and live alone together. Antil loves taking Raghni to bike rides. Together, they are a happy couple.




A journey of a housewife who tries finds her happiness in little things around her. She is very creative and loves to paint. She loves her husband but she wanted a child in her life. She got sad, on knowing she can't conceive, but Antil cheers her up at every step.